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Name tapes and name labels for kids

Welcome to you're No. 1 source of woven labels. We have been serving our Swedish customers for almost 40 years and since 2013 we have started an international expansion. There is today a wide variety of suppliers within Labeling of clothes, but we can justifiably say we are a leading company . We offer high quality woven name tapes, Which Should not be confused with other lower end products That either print or are partly woven - our labels are 100% woven. The labels are are produced in accorande with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and we use Only Egyptian cotton. Our clothing labels are produced in Europe but we offer free shipping all over the world.

We Have Chosen to be a niche player and the Focusing all our Efforts on woven labels. Therefore we can sacrifice a widerange of products, allo wing you to create your own personal and unique design. Using our preview service you can combine literally millions of variations . Amongst other you can choose between three different widths  10mm,  15mm  and  25mm, 60+ different font styles, 13 tape and text colors and hundreds of symbols. In addition, we give you the option of buying name tapes in either  cotton  or  polyester.  

The woven labels can either be sewn into the clothes or iron-ed on. In addition we have our own patented solution, Taggit, Which is perfect for parents who are Labeling Their kids' clothes for pre-school, school or camp. We also recommend to have a look at our  new product series; woven name labels in mixed colors and woven name labels with text in the color of the rainbow. These products are of course woven in the same high quality as our standard name tapes.