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Frequently asked questions / FAQ

Questions before ordering

How long will the name tape be?
When configuring your name tape, our preview service will provide you with information on the name tapes lenght.
Where do I enter the text to be on Taggit?
You can't and you shouldn't put text on Taggit. Taggit are a small thumbtacks to attach the woven name tapes with.

What are the delivery costs?
None. We apply free shipping worldwide! However, we do not ship to UK, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, France or Finland

Can you share a package and get different names?
No unfortunately not. It has to be the same name/text. From a production perspective entering a new name means twice the work and therefore twice the cost.

When will I receive my labels?

One of the most common questions we receive is "When will I receive my labels?". It is not always as easy to answer as we would have wanted, but the below information should give you a hint:

We produce our labels in batches, meaning there has to be a certain number of order with the same combination of tape and text color. This means that more popular combinations are woven more often. To get an idea on how often we weave different combinations, please see below:

Produced every 24-48 hours

  • 10mm (2/5 inches) Polyester labels with white background and black, blue and red text
  • 10mm (2/5 inches) Cotton labels with white background and black, blue and red text

Produced at least every week

  • 15mm (2/5 inches) Cotton labels with white background and black, blue and red text

Produced at least every two weeks

  • All combinations are woven at least every 14 days

Please note!

If you have ordered or are planning on ordering a combination that is woven every two weeks, it does not mean that it has to take two weeks until your labels are woven but rather that two weeks is the longest period it should take before we weave. In fact median production time is one week!

Progress updates

We will be sending you emails to inform you on the progress of your order. We will send you an email when we start producing the labels and another one when we have shipped the product. Please make sure to add to your address book to avoid that the emails end up in your junk mail or spam filter.


As said above we ship with regular post and shiping time depends on your location. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee shipping time but we have been given the following estimates for shipping to different countries:

  • Europe 3-4 working days
  • USA 6-7 working days
  • Asia 6-10 working days 
  • Australia / New Zeeland 6-10 working days 

Please note that the above are estimates, sometimes the packages arrive faster and sometime it takes a few days longer.


We do not use tracking. The reason for this is that we are sending our labels with regular post. Unfortunately the national post companies does not cooperate very well so when sending internationally there is no information between shipping and receiving the package. The alternative for us would be to send with for example UPS or DHL and thereby get proper tracking. However, the cost for such shipping exceeds the cost our products so it is not a viable option at the moment.

Can I rush my order?

The short answer is no. Let us shortly explain why.

As we've written above we produce our labels in batches. If we were to stop our production to weave a specific order it would be very costly. The most expensive part of our production is when our production stops. This is what happens when we change threads in order to prepare a new color combination batch. This process takes several hours and it is therefore not an option to stop the production for a single order.

There would of course be the option to rush shipping, but if you want to send a package overnight with courier the cost for this most times many times higher than the cost for the courier (not taking into consideration the extra time  we need to spend by ordering the pick up etc).

We hope that the above gives you an idea on how we work and expected delivery times. We always strive to improve our service so if you have any suggestions or ideas on how we could become better please let us know at

Can I cancel my order?

Of course you can cancel your order, however it needs to be done before we send out a message that production has started. Cancellation of orders should be done by emailing to

Questions after the receiving the order

I have ordered several packs of woven name tapes but I only received on of them
To provide the best and fastest customer service possible we send the name tapes immediately when they are finsihed. As the production time can vary between name tapes depending on tape colors etc we believe this is the best method.

I have not received any confirmation of my order:
Have a look in your spam folder, unfortunately it has happened that confirmations get stuck in the spam filter. If you still can't find it, please email us at

I have lost the paper that should be used when ironing on my name tapes
This should be easily solved! Just use some parchment paper. If you don't have parchment paper please contact us a we will provide you with a new piece.