Name tapes and labels are a great way to personalize belongings, especially for kids who are prone to losing, misplacing or exchanging their things. Personalized woven labels, like those from Name Tapes and Labels, add more fun to labeling by offering labels in mixed and rainbow colors. Kids not only love the vibrant colors on our name tapes and labels, they love them because they are delicate on the skin and do not cause any allergies.


But if you thought that labels and woven name tapes can only be used to label kids’ clothing, read ahead; you will be surprised by the many great ways you can use these labels apart from labeling clothes, socks and shoes:

Labeling School Supplies

If a particular cartoon or fictional character is popular at one time, and every kid has a bag, pencil case or water bottle that looks similar, you can imagine the chaos in class when toddlers can’t find their things. But if every kid’s school supplies are clearly labeled with their names, any chaotic situation can be avoided. It would be easier for teachers as well to differentiate between each pupil’s supplies.

Camping Supplies

While you are scratching your head about what to pack for your kid’s summer camp, you should also find a way that none of their belongings get misplaced or mixed with those of other kids. The best way to do so is to attach a name tape to each item. And if the thought of labeling so many items makes you cringe, you can get done with the labeling in a jiffy by using Taggit.

Food Allergy

If your kid has a severe food allergy that others need to be aware of, especially if he/she is going out to a summer camp, it can be difficult to inform everyone individually about the allergy. You can always write a note to the teacher, but notes can get misplaced. Putting an allergy label on your kid’s bag or collar back that says ‘No Peanuts’, in case he/she is allergic to peanuts, is a very effective way to deliver the message. Whatever allergy your kid might have, it can be indicated through a personalized woven label.

Double Trouble

If you’re blessed with twins who love to wear the same clothes and accessories, you can keep their things like socks, headbands, mittens, and feeder covers separate by attaching personalized labels to them. Doing so will also help you keep track of whom you have fed and whose diaper has been changed.

Party Favors

If you want to go that extra mile to personalize your kid’s birthday party favors, order a bunch of labels that say ‘Thanks for coming’ or anything you like and have them attached to the gifts. Guests will love the idea!