Whether you have knitted a sweater for your loved one or designed a garment for your clothing store, nothing enhances the unique finishing touch better than a personalized clothing label. One of the many types of name tapes and labels available in the market is a woven label, which has a characteristic, professional feel to it.

Here are a few benefits of choosing this woven name labels for your clothing:


With woven name labels, your kids’ name, your company’s name or your business logo is not stamped or printed on the label – it is woven with high quality threads. This means that there is no chance of the label chipping or peeling off, neither will the text or design ever fade away – it will stay intact for as long as the label is. These labels are very long-lasting and are relatively inexpensive, making them an economical option for all your labeling needs.

Personal Touch

When a garment or accessory is to be labeled to be owned by someone, the label should have a personal touch to it; woven name labels are classic, and have personal feel to them. This makes them ideal for hand knitted or sewn garments, kids’ clothing or boutique apparel on which you want to add your unique personal touch.


Woven name labels come in with two attachment options – they can be sew-in labels or iron-in labels. Additionally, they can be custom made to produce personalized clothing labels. They come in variety of sizes, textures, degrees of finesse, and more. With Name Tapes and Labels you can choose between three different widths 10mm, 15mm and 25mm, 60+ different font styles, 13 tape and text colors and hundreds of symbols. If you are looking for clothing name labels that you can be creative with, this is the perfect choice.

Suitable For All Fabrics

Since these labels are sewn on, they can be attached to any type of fabric, no matter how delicate or heat sensitive it is. You can also take off woven name labels easily without damaging the fabric and re-use them on some other garment.

Now that you know the many great benefits of woven name labels, it’s time you get in touch with us to give your clothes the much needed personal touch!