There are several different ways you could label clothes on and the intention of this guide is to give information about the respectively methods cost, as well as pros and cons with each individual method.


We are going to go through the following methods for labeling of clothes:

  • Iron-on vinyl name labels
  • Woven name tapes that can be sewn on or ironed
  • Markers


The most important factors to keep in mind when choosing method for labeling clothes are:

  • Permanency
  • Time
  • Appearance
  • Additional

Iron-on vinyl name labels

With iron-on name labels it’s usually a rectangular printed label with an element of some type of plastic, such as vinyl. This label is ironed onto the clothing by placing the label on chosen area, thereafter placing baking paper between the flat-iron and label to avoid the iron-on name label from melting onto the flat-iron.



One of the pros with iron-on name labels is when they are attached as in the instructions they will stick to the fabric really, really firmly. This obviously is because the label is melting onto the garment.


The con is that there is no way removing the name labels unless you use scissors. This is a big minus if you got the intentions of letting another child inherit or even if you’d like to sell the clothes onward. When selling used clothes for an example at Ebay, labeled clothes will drop in value significantly. This is important to think about, especially if you invest in larger sums in clothes from well known brands in belief there is a good resale value.



The reason the iron-on name labels have become so popular is because it is quick and it’s easy to attach them. Normally it only takes around 30-60 seconds per garment to label the clothes.



The traditional iron-on labels are white with black text, possibly with a symbol on them. These iron-on labels doesn’t exactly make the clothes appear more beautiful, but they fill only a practical function.



If you got a child that is allergic or easily get irritated skin you should be careful with where you are placing the iron-on labels. The material is a bit stiff and so it can scrape if it comes in direct contact with the skin.


Woven name tapes that can be sewn on or ironed-on

Woven name tapes are woven labels in which the text is interwoven. Woven name tapes can be woven into polyester or cotton. The woven name tapes length depends on the length of the text, therefore it’s important to write a text that becomes as long as you wish.


The woven tapes are usually attached by sewing at each end. An alternative to sewing the name tapes is to use Taggit which is like a thumbtack in plastic that is attached for an example on the laundry label. There is even a possibility to buy woven name tapes with transfer-paper than can be ironed onto the garments.




How good the woven name tapes stick to the garment of course depends on how many stitches you attached it with. If you choose a woven name tape in cotton it will surely stay beautiful even after many washes, while a woven name tape in polyester can give in after a while.


A big advantage with woven name tapes in comparison to other labels is that it is possible to remove the woven name tape, this will raise the value of the clothing extensively.


If you have chosen a woven name tape that you have used ironing or Taggit it will not stick to the garment just as good as it would if you would have sewn it.




The con of woven name tapes against other products is that it takes a longer time to label the clothes. At least for the one who do not have their sewing machine up and ready to go. When the sewing machine is ready it doesn’t take a lot of seconds to attach the woven name tape.


Something that isn’t commonly known for the larger crowd is that there is an excellent solution for those who do not own a sewing machine or those who would like to label their garments with woven name tapes but finds it difficult to attach them by sewing. The solution is Taggit and can best be described as a ”thumbtack” in plastic, in which piece A is attached to piece B. With use of Taggit your clothes are labeled just as quickly as with iron-on labels.



Woven name tapes cause for the most adults childhood memories. A lot of people recognize and remember the beautiful name tapes from their childhood.


Unlike for an example, iron-on labels the woven name tapes are a decoration on clothing, especially if you sew them on yourself. They come in various widths, 10 mm, 15 mm and 25 mm, which creates the opportunities to even label self-produced works. Moreover, there is a possibility to choose from a great number of tape colors, fonts and colors. Each woven name tape has a unique design and the manufacturing process reminds of a reminiscent time. Please take a look at this video from Youtube when a  name tape is woven .



If you got a child that is allergic or easily get an irritation on the skin are woven name tapes in cotton a wonderful choice.



Markers have become increasingly popular. Many manufacturers of children clothing have even created a special label where parents can write their child’s name. Markers come in many varieties and qualities.



What you have written you can not erase, so the permanency is to say the least everlasting. At extremely long-term use the marker can slowly become unusable.



A marker is an alternative for those who quickly and easily want to label their children’s clothes. It works a bit quicker than to for an example iron-on labels or to label with woven name tapes and Taggit. On the other hand it requires you to write clearly and accurately so you can read it!



Unless one has a remarkably beautiful handwriting there is barely any other method for name labeling that is more unattractive.



Markers as well as iron-on labels got the big negative aspect that it’s impossible to remove the marking. If you have an interest in selling the clothes you should not write in or on your clothes, it lowers the value significantly.