Every traveler has at least once experienced the pain of lost luggage, or knows someone who has gone through the ordeal. But despite the frequent number of mishaps, people do not take luggage tagging seriously. If you think sticking a piece of masking tape on your suitcase with your name and address will suffice, you’re wrong. The weak adhesive of the tape is likely to get detached when the luggage is loaded or unloaded, leaving your suitcase with no mark of identification.


And what if, god forbid, it does not find its way to the baggage carousel at the airport? Can you imagine the horror of losing a suitcase full of your belongings! It’s unnerving, right? You can avoid this trouble simply by getting personalized woven labels for your luggage.


If you like the idea, which we’re sure you do, here is a list of ways you can make sure your luggage reaches its destination:

Woven Name Tapes for Luggage

Luggage, the suitcases, duffle bags and other items that you book at the airport travel with a hundred other counterparts belonging to other passengers. So it is not uncommon for luggage to get mixed up or lost. You can make sure that doesn’t happen by attaching woven names tapes with your name and contact details on it. You can either choose between sew-on or iron-on name labels, whichever is convenient for you.

Woven Name Tapes for Hand-Carry

Imagine that you are in line at an airport café to get coffee, and you realize that you forgot your purse or trolley bag where you were sitting. By the time you rush back to your spot, it’s gone! Airport security is very sensitive about unattended hand-carry items. When you contact the airport security, they will ask for proof that the item is yours. At this point, if you had personalized name labels sewn-on or ironed-on on your bag, the security would’ve already announced your name, matched it with your ID and handed over the bag to you.

Woven Name Tapes for Kids

We know they’re not luggage, but kids tend to get lost at airports a little too often. But if they’re carrying a backpack with their name tape on it, or their collar back has a sew-on name label, it would just a minute or two for the airport security to announce their name and reunite you with your kid!


Now you see how you can travel without the worry of losing your belongings (and kids) by just attaching name tapes? So place your order before your next flight!