Woven labels are becoming the most common and economical method of identifying your clothing or other accessories. They can be sewn or ironed on kids’ clothing, school supplies, towels, rugs, luggage, bedding, knitted items and more.

There a several ways in which woven name labels are folded to be attached on a garment or accessory.

Center Folds 

These woven labels that are in the shape of a long rectangle and folded in half from the centre. They are usually sewn into a seam or used for sleeve and hem labels. When the ends are sewn in a garment, the center folded label hangs down. The benefit of this type of label is that extra information, like the care instructions, can be included on the backside. The downside is that these labels can rip off or get damaged more easily.

Fuse Cut or Straight Cut

These labels have no folds – they are typically sewn on all four sides, suitable for the outside of a garment or bag. Since they have no folds, straight cut labels can also be heat sealed on the garment.

End Folds 

They are made similar to a straight-cut, except that they are folded down on the left and right side, so the ends are neatly finished. These are typically found in the neck of higher end garments.

Manhattan Fold

They are similar to the center fold label, except that the top of the label is also folded down to create a flap where the bottom can be tucked.

Mitre Fold

The ends of the label are folded under and up to create a tab to be sewn into a seam.

Die Cut

This label has no folds and no specific shape – it can be cut into different shapes using a die or by laser.