If your kid is registered for summer camp in the coming months, you may be fretting over what he/she should pack for his/her stay away from home. And if it’s your first time sending your kid away from home for this long, you might have started preparing for weeks in advance.


To make sure that you pack all the essentials and leave out nothing, here’s a list to prepare your child for a great summer. 


It’s a ‘summer’ camp, so don’t bother with the jackets. Pack T-shirts, flannels, and light sweatshirts, one for each day and a few extras. Next comes a pair of shorts, again, one for each day and a couple of extras, a pair or two of jeans and khakis and sleeping suits, one can be used for two nights. Socks can never be too many, so pack at least two for each day. A hat or cap would be great to protect from the sun.


Depending on the location, pack hiking boots, water shoes, walking and running shoes.


Two swimsuits should be good to go, and one cover up for girls.


Pack two medium sized towels for bathing and one swimming towel.


-          Toothbrush and toothpaste

-          Shampoo and conditioner

-          Body wash and soap


Packing a camera depends on your camper’s age. If you can get a disposable camera, it would be great. Otherwise, pack a regular camera, extra batteries and charger, all safely kept in the camera cover. Sneak in a zip lock just in case.

Small First-Aid Kit

Band-Aids and elastic bandages are important to have on hand to take care of common cuts, scrapes, and blisters. If your kid is on medication, make sure you pack a full supply for the trip, along with the prescription. Also inform the camp administration of any special instructions.


Although the camp will take care of the basic necessities, your kids might want to have some snacks or bring back some souvenirs. Keep some extra cash safely in a wallet and inform the administrators about it.


-          Mosquito repellant

-          Sunscreen

-          Body lotion

-          Sanitizer

-          Hair dryer

-          Lip Balm

-          Water bottles

-          Sleeping bag (if the camp doesn’t provide it)

-          Flash light and extra batteries


Now that you know what to pack for the perfect summer camp, make sure you order name tapes and labels to personalize all your kids’ belongings!