For parents and others wondering why they should choose us over other supplier of name tapes, here’s a list of our reasons why we think you’d be better off sticking with Name Tapes and Labels for all your labeling needs.

Our Product Quality

We use high quality Egyptian cotton for our woven name labels. As cotton is a organic material, our woven name labels are safe for the skin of your children and will withstand many washes without any fading of color. We also offer a 10 year warranty on our name tapes.

Our Experience

We have been serving the Swedish customer market for over 40 years and we have a strong customer base of satisfied parents who make repetitive purchases. We also have expanded our business and now supply name tapes and labels all over the world.

The Versatility of Our Products

Our products can not only be used for labeling kids’ clothing for pre-school and school, but you can also be creative and order customized name labels for labeling kids’ school supplies, labeling seniors’ belongings or to give a unique finished touch to home-knitted items.

Additionally, you can choose between three different widths 10mm, 15mm and 25mm, 60+ different font styles, 13 tape and text colors and hundreds of symbols.  

The Product Range

We have a huge range of products that we are constantly updating. Apart from sew-in clothing labels or iron-on labels, we have recently introduced woven name labels in mixed colors and woven name labels with text in the colors of rainbow. We also supply Taggit – our patented product that is the easiest, fastest way to attach name labels to clothes or other textile.

The Great Customer Service

We take pride in our great customer care service. Here at Name Tapes and Labels, we aim to answer every e-mail as soon as possible and we go that extra mile to dispatch orders within our product turn-around time.

Variety of Information We Have Available

To maintain transparency in our manufacturing process, our website features details of how we weave our woven name tapes, a list of design styles we offer, and brief information about cities that we name our Design Styles after.

Our Social Media Links and Offers

We have a prominent web presence on Facebook – you can like our page to learn about new products, discounts and offers as well as seasonal competitions.

Competitive Prices

With the current economic environment, we understand that parents are always on a tight budget. Therefore, we offer very reasonable prices for our products and if you order in bulk, you can enjoy special discounts and we always offer free shipping worldwide!

Our Growth as a Company

We have broadened our horizons, and since 2013, we have been supplying our products in the international market, shipping all over the world.