Our woven name labels are already a favorite among parents who are conscious about their kids’ belongings at school and want to make sure that their kids come home with their own sweaters and bags instead of their classmates’. But it’s not just the parents who are fond of personalizing their kids’ belongings; our name tapes and labels are also loved by the kids themselves.


Let’s looks at a few reasons why kids love having our personalized woven labels on their belongings:

It’s Mine!

Kids love things that are their own, that belong only to them and no one else. Labeling their belongings will give them the sense of comfort and security that their belongings, sweaters, blazers, bags, pencil cases, and water bottles, will stay safe in their possession and no other kids can claim them.

Foster Friendships

Kids have an innate instinct of, well, having everything that looks good for themselves. It’s not uncommon for kids to quarrel over pencil cases with their favorite cartoon character or sweaters that just look like theirs. To prevent this battle of belongings, parents can label kids’ stuff using our name tapes and labels. With each kid’s names on their own belongings, there will be no fights – only friends!

Soft and Safe

Since we are the only company in Sweden to offer woven name labels in cotton, which is a completely natural material, our name tapes and labels do not pose any risk of allergic reactions on kids’ sensitive skin, and are guaranteed not to cause any itching. So why wouldn’t kids love something that is personalized as well soft on the skin.

Favorite Animals

As you can see in our woven name label samples, we not only weave names in mixed and rainbow colors, we even give you the option of having your kids’ favorite animal woven on the name tapes and labels. Just another reason for kids to love our products!

Who Doesn’t like Rainbows!

Our rainbow woven name tapes and name labels are a truly unique product. Made from the same high quality cotton as our standard name tapes, kids can get their names woven in all colors of the rainbow. Rated as one of the most popular products from our range, kids are sure to love them!