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Personalized labels

Although we knowthat woven name tapes May not be the most important fashion statement one Could husband, we belive That most customers appreciate the possilibity to Personalize Their name labels. This is the reason we have built our Configuration Tool In Which You Can Choose between:

  • Three different widths for your name tapes
  • Two types of materials, Cotton name tapes and name polyester tapes (only for 10mm)
  • 64 font styles
  • 13 tape colors
  • 13 text colors
  • 210 (!) Symbols

In total That Means you can create more than SEVEN MILLION different personalized designs and then we have not taken into account 'the endless number of Names That exist.

Our Configuration Tool includes a preview servicewhich Provide you with a preview of what your woven name tapes will look like. As the length of the name label will be dependent on the lenght of your text it is overpriced Provides information about the name tapes exact measure. Below you'll find a screen dump from our Configuration Tool.

Remember That IT in order to successfully place an order you will have to make a choice for each of the steps in the configurator!