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Woven name tapes

Parents have labeled their children’s clothes with woven name tapes, or name tags as they are also called, as long as pre-schools have existed. We at were the first in Sweden to create woven name tapes that parents could buy easily and for a cheap price. Originally parents were forced to attach the woven name tapes by sewing, which of course was only seen as a minor obstacle back in the days when sewing was more common in the home.


Many of today’s stressed parents prefer name labels that are ironed onto the clothes. We of course think that this is a bit of a shame and most of all, not as good looking. To meet our customers’ requirements, we have manufactured high quality iron-on name labels as well. Moreover, we have our own tool: our patented invention Taggit, which makes it possible to label children’s clothes to look good, quick and easy with the classical woven name tapes


We want to make a stand for the woven name tapes, when we believe are significantly more beautiful than iron-on name labels and textile stamps, but moreover, the woven name tapes have a few more advantages. The prime advantage is that we are the only company in Sweden who can offer woven name tapes in cotton which is a completely natural material and therefore minimizes the risk of allergic reactions, and is guaranteed not to cause any itching. Moreover, they are an advantage if you plan on selling the children’s clothes onward, which is not uncommon today. Then, you can easily remove the label and the new owner can label their clothes in the way they wish.


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